Posted by: esagh | November 4, 2008

First time

My first attempt at using imovie was a little confusing. I was not exactly used to the format and found it strange in comparison to final cut. After a lot of practice, fiddling around and A LOT of help, i got it going. The first part of my 60 second short film sequence will be evident proof.
Will be posted shortly:)

Posted by: esagh | November 4, 2008

My project idea AND update



When first thinking of what i was going to do for the project I had a various of ideas. I first wanted to base my character as an unknown or related subject to myself. It was to show how peoples characteristics are often dependable on those of others. How it takes two, and people sometimes are blinded by a strong character and they forget who they really are. However after doing a couple test shots i realized that it just wasn’t going to work and i need to find something a little more personal, something i could easily relate to.
I still sure however, that i did not want to base a movie on myself, so i decided to start analysing my friends.
I was finally inspired by my close friend Marc. I noticed that at times he seemed a little distracted while holding conversations, almost as if he was thinking of something else, something that he would be rather doing. I didn’t bother asking  what he was thinking of, i instead just put 2 and 2 together and came up with the best excuse in my head.

So finally here it is: My friend Marc: distracted by a passion

How does it work out:

So The first scene is of Marc hanging out with a couple friends. While one of them is telling him a story, you slowly see him drift off into another world.

Black slot-

The second sequence is a collage of images/ footage of Marc skateboarding in an indoor skate parc. I played with a whole bunch of different techniques from slow motion, to repetition, to adding in some appropriate music. Its a fast clip due to the fact that it supposed to imitate a day dream. There are many different camera angles: low, straight on, to the side ect.
This was a lot of fun to film! Especially watching all the different skateboard tricks. Took time however!

Black slot-

The third shot will be a back to reality clip, where he wakes up from his daydream and notices where he is. A little disappointed.

I’m fond of my idea because i find myself relating to his daydreams of wanting and wishing to be somewhere where you cant be. Some people may find this is ridiculous, but i guess you cant understand until it happens to you.

Posted by: esagh | November 4, 2008

Remix Culture

Though many people believe that remixing is merely about new renditions of old music and movies, it however touches base with much more. In this new era remix has become part of our culture and in a sense has become who we are today. Through most of the new technology avaibable on todays market, we have advanced in ways that our grandparent’s era had never even dreamed of. From records evolving to tapes,compact discs and then ipods. From letters diminishing to telephonecalls, emails, then to simple brief text messages. From word of mouth to newspaper, websites and blogs. Our lifestyle has made everything more simple, avaible and quick for the average busy 21st century human. We have in a sense remixed each communication resource to a more compact version. And in simple words. Apple is the winner. Just last year coming out with the new iphone.

The Iphone is a small palm sized rectangle serving to our every need, with a memory 100times greater than that of a gold fish. Apple has combined every technological thing available to us and placed it onto a memory chip connected to a touch screen gadget. Through direction you can retrieve your emails via internet access, the daily weather, news, games to keep u occupied (while waiting for the bus on a raining day), photo camera, storage, music /ipod, to even the least expected language tool to help u learn any new language desired. You can even install a new application which when activated can tell you the nearest tim hortons in km and how many minutes it will take to get there by car. – Now im not exacty saying this is a bad thing, but is it really a necesity? Or is this just anothr gandget to keep us entertained??

Remixing old songs to give a new beat, or even an old book to give a new twist are what i ike to considered “safe remix”, meaning they do not exactly take over a life style, but rather give a new flavor. Remixing technology i find is making the world more detached, preventing us from using the traditional way of communication- Talking, and being more intamite with one another!

Is the rmix of technology leading us into a secure culture? 

I think not!

Posted by: esagh | September 25, 2008

Photoshop Typography


1st Attempt

This was my first attempt at using Photoshop and incorporating typography. It is purposely kept simple by basic font, image message and black and white formating. It was a difficult first experience learning how to use the software and applying certain tasks. Luckily after some practice it came easily and i was able to quickly fix errors.

2nd attempt

2nd Attempt

For my second image, I decided to use color and various font styles and sizes. This image is not my personal favorite, however I do like the creativity of using the loop of the lower case d as its capital.

The flow of the image is broken due to its lettering and is too straight/ horizontally placed to actually be pleasing to look at.

3rd attempt

3rd Attempt

This final work is my favortie. I like the play on words of live and life and how the two words correspond to the one image of the pregnant woman. I decided to keep this image in black and white for the bold silhouette apperance.